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In addition to creating computer games, I share my knowledge and experience at various conferences. Below is a chronological summary of my speeches:


Digital Dragons Academy, Krakow, Poland

Nothing is true, everything is allowed. My view on the student-company-university triangle - Learn about the pitfalls and opportunities that appear in the relationship between education and business

 More details here 


Digital Dragons , Krakow, Poland

Panel discussion: Education in gamedev

 Recording available on YouTube 


CD Action Expo, Wrocław, Poland

The game gives you something and takes something away from you


Game Industry Conference, Poznań, Poland

Forgery Craft: our way of evaluating players' art work
Allowing players to express themselves and be creative is great but how to evaluate how they performed? Speaker have encountered this problem many times, including during "House Flipper" development (while evaluating player-created houses and gardens). Recent experiences related to creating a game about document counterfeiting (Forgery Craft) prompted him to write a simple framework that makes it easier to solve the problem.

 Recording available on YouTube 


EGX, London, UK
House Flipper: More than just a simulator

Discussion panel.

 Slides available here 


Culture Week at Technical Secondary School No. 15, Wrocław, Poland
Improvisation – in games and in life - guest lecture
 Photos available here 


Gaming on the Stock Exchange, Warsaw, Poland

Expert in the discussion panel
 More details here 


Trendy z Sieci - Radio Kraków, Krakow, Poland

Virtual reality and video games
Broadcast guest on "Trendy z Sieci" (web trends) in "Radio Kraków" radio

 Recording available here 


Digital Dragons, Krakow, Poland

Game price and content - how little is too little, and how much is too much
 Recording available on Youtube 


Inaugural lecture at WSEI University, Krakow, Poland

XXI century - times of too accurate information

 Recording available on YouTube 

2016, 2017

Dark Secrets of Game Creators, Krakow, Poland
Speaker at University event


Free Software Days, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Lecture about game developement on conference


Women in Technology, Krakow, Poland
The world after the Flash's death - my lecture about trends in video game engines

2013-2015 meetings, Krakow, Poland

I've organised and was speaker on 7 game development meetups.

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