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Kris Krej

Game Developer | Speaker | Innovator

I am a game developer and the CEO of Frozen District,

the team behind the House Flipper series.




PC | PS5 | XSX | VR

I'm a game developer encompassing roles as a designer, programmer, and publisher. As the CEO of Frozen District, I led the development of House Flipper, our most significant commercial success. Currently, I manage a team of 50, working on various PC and console games.


WSEI College, Academy of Fine Art,  AGH University

I share my expertise as a lecturer at three universities in Krakow.
I currently teach subjects such as:

  • Ludology (Game Science)

  • Shader programming

  • Realtime Animated Storytelling


Digital Dragons, Game Industry Conference, 
EGX London, and more

Over the last 10 years, I have spoken at many international gaming conferences and participated as an expert on many panels. Check out some of them

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